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Why do you want Burleigh Auto Recyclers to handle your old car?

May be you have an old car that has some emotional value to you and you just can’t let it go, or maybe your relatively new car is throwing tantrums and you couldn’t figure out why, or maybe you simply need some car parts fixed or replaced; well, whichever is your case, Burleigh Auto Recyclers is here to help.

So, there are thousands more who will offer the same service, why choose Burleigh Auto Recyclers?

Any company is defined by what their priorities are.  However skilled the service givers be, if their company values are not aligned with your expectation, the relationship is not going to work. And this is where Burleigh Auto Recyclers sets themselves apart from the others. There is no blurry line when doing business with us.

  1. Experience and skill: Burleigh Auto Recyclers team has a combined experience of 80 years in the industry which gives them an insight on how to handle your precious vehicle and figuring out the best possible solution for getting the job done. Their skills and expertise match no other companies and the team’s polite and friendly approach create a comfortable environment for the customer.
  2. Strong networking: With over 80 combined years in the industry, specialist mechanics working onsite in our Burleigh car yard, access to over 200 Auto Recyclers Australia wide we have the networking, decades of experience and knowledge to get you back on the road fast. If you need any spare parts and can’t find it here, we have access to hundreds of auto recyclers nationally (so we can source many hard to get car parts quickly, straight to our Burleigh shop), saving you the time and inconvenience of phoning around.
  3. We offer quotes: Trustworthiness and loyalty are two things we put our priorities on. We want to have an open, friendly relationship with our customers and that is why we always take the straightforward approach to discuss matters. We are upfront with the clients about the car issues and the costs from the very beginning.
  4. One stop solution for your vehicle: We are the largest used auto parts supermarket. We perform full Motor Vehicle servicing and our repairing jobs are meticulous. Also, we are considered by many as the leading Gold Coast wreckers, as we pay top dollar cash for cars, for all makes and models on the spot. The variety of services we provide truly makes Burleigh Auto Recyclers one stop solution for your vehicle.

When doing business with Burleigh Auto Recyclers, you can rely on the quality of service provided and relax because we value professionalism and satisfaction of our customer. Visit our website or give a call to the team if you need any assistance regarding your old car.