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Salesforce(r) is among the most sought-after selling forecasting tools, as well as a tool for managing CRM available for small and large enterprises alike. They will help you keep track of every interaction with customers, nurture leads, and learn more about the factors that drive sales so you can maximize your pipeline for the future.

Salesforce(r) offers a variety of amazing features by itself. However, integrations can aid businesses to improve their efficiency and enhance the value of the software further. In this article, we’ll review the most effective Salesforce(r) connections for 2023 so that you can make maximum value from Salesforce(r)’s platform.

What Are Integrations in Salesforce(r) & Why Do They Matter?

Salesforce(r) can accomplish quite a bit by itself and comes with many features you don’t typically find on other platforms. Integrations can help make tools more efficient, but they also provide new capabilities, thanks to greater data, more features, and greater automation, depending on the integrations you select.

Automating your business is the most important element in this case. It helps you reduce your time and effort and also ensures that everything is done while also delivering results with more speed. Once users have submitted leads forms, for instance, they should be sent directly to your sales team to ensure that swift software for marketing actions is taken, as you don’t wish to wait for a day or more to transfer the information.

Salesforce(r) third-party integrations let you transfer data and trigger actions between Salesforce’s CRM platform as well as other tools you’re using. New leads can be added to your segmented email lists or have lead information via Facebook ads directly transferred into Salesforce(r).

With the correct Salesforce(r) automation tools, your team will be able to put their efforts where they’re required instead of having to keep up-to-date data or search for data that might show up before them.

What Are Salesforce(r) Integration Tools?

Salesforce(r) Integration tools can be described as third-party solutions that make it simpler to establish a range of integrations. This includes custom integrations that you won’t see on the websites of both brands.

LeadsBridge has been designed to assist in connecting the SaaS tools you’re currently using, such as Salesforce(r). We’ll help you streamline the integration process and provide more possibilities for automation due to triggers, actions, and outcomes that wouldn’t have been possible without our help.

The installation process is as simple as a few clicks, and you can modify the integration in any way you think best. We’re even able to help create custom-triggered results and actions in the event that you are unable to find an integration that does exactly what you’re looking for.

Luckily, they are, and the Salesforce(r) tool integrations are extremely simple to install.

The Best Salesforce(r) Integrations for 2023

There are a lot of Salesforce(r) Integrations you can pick from their website, and more are accessible via LeadsBridge. Let’s look at some of the top Salesforce(r) integrations to be found in 2023.

MailChimp Salesforce(r) Integration

Marketing tools for email and CRM tools will be at their best when they are fully connected. This means that the integration between MailChimp, and Salesforce(r) integration with email is very important.

Salesforce(r) Gmail Integration

Although many companies do have company email addresses, a lot of others use personal Gmail accounts. As a freelancer, I have a Gmail account to handle my confidential business communications, but I’m not the only one.

Through this integration, you’ll be able to create leads in Salesforce(r) using Gmail to Salesforce(r) or modify the charges at any time in line with the progress of the sales funnel in digital format. It sounds easy; however, if you’re running a small or one-person company, this integration makes it easier to monitor leads across all channels.

NetSuite Salesforce(r) Integration

NetSuite is a dependable business management application that includes the ability to integrate an enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. It is only natural to integrate the software you use for managing your company with sales forecaster, and CRM could be beneficial to your business.

Create new leads in NetSuite using Salesforce(r) (or build them as saved searches using Salesforce(r)).

Marketo Salesforce(r) Integration

Marketo uses powerful automation features to assist businesses in tracking as well as identifying, nurturing, and managing leads and customers. Lead management software from Marketo is outstanding, and combining the software with Salesforce(r)’s CRM could be an effective combination.

+Connect Salesforce® and Marketo TRY FREEThe Marketing, as well as Salesforce(r) connection, lets you exchange lead information between both platforms so that you can add or modify leads on static lists in Salesforce(r). This allows you to access more instant and relevant information you would not have otherwise and gives your team the latest tools to help convert leads faster.

ActiveCampaign Salesforce(r) Integration

ActiveCampaign is another tool that’s focused on automation, creating emails for marketing as well as automatic follow-up messages to help nurture customers and leads. Combining the information that you get out of ActiveCampaign with the information that you already have in Salesforce(r) can make each of the tools more actionable.

Create and update your new ActiveCampaign contacts using tags inside Salesforce(r).

Create and update the new ActiveCampaign contacts in lists of Salesforce(r).

Create and edit new ActiveCampaign contacts into segments of Salesforce(r).

It’s basically getting up-to-date information regarding your customers from ActiveCampaign in your CRM regularly. Find out how to configure the integration below.

Pardot Salesforce(r) Integration

Pardot is actually a Salesforce(r) software that is focused on email automation and solutions for B2B companies. A Pardot as well as Salesforce(r) third integration, as such, is a good idea.

Create and edit the Salesforce(r) account in the Pardot.

Create and edit Salesforce(r) Accounts as leads in Pardot.

New Update Salesforce(r) lead in Pardot reports.

Changes to Salesforce(r) individual accounts in list views of Pardot.

It’s sharing more relevant data between both platforms to get a greater comprehension of what’s happening with your target audience while also delivering powerful marketing messages in the process. Learn how to set up the Pardot along with the Salesforce(r) connection.

Facebook Salesforce(r) Integrations

In the past, we’ve focused on specific integrations on a particular basis, and we’ve also decided to review an overview of integrations to Facebook as well as Salesforce(r) with LeadsBridge. We provide the option of individual Salesforce(r) Integrations with a variety of Facebook tools, such as Facebook Lead Advertisements, Facebook Conversions API, Facebook Conversion Leads, Facebook Custom Audiences, and many more.

The integration options available are vast, and the goal is to give you total control over the software you utilize so that you can get the integrations that you need to streamline your workflow and nothing more.

You can make use of integration with Lead Ads to transmit the latest lead information from leads on the platform directly to Salesforce(r) and have a Salesforce(r) as well as a Custom Audiences Integration in place to enable you to connect that new lead to a Custom Audience to retarget on Facebook.

A few of the most effective integrations that businesses can benefit from comprise:

Converting offline on Facebook and transferring the information to Salesforce(r).

Importing job candidates into Salesforce(r) following the time they’ve submitted their application.

The tracking of Facebook conversions using the Conversions API and sending it to Salesforce(r) directly.

Salesforce(r) sending Salesforce(r) an email to Facebook Custom Audiences, separated lists.

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