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Should I Repair or Should I replace: The old car dilemma

No matter how much care, attention and love you give, your car is going to lose its charm one day and start causing you hassle. Regular wear and tear will push it to its expiry date slowly but surely. But, how do you know that its glorious life has finally reached to the end? How do you know for sure that it is time to let of the loyal friend and move on?

In this article, we will discuss the matters that can help you decide whether you should spend money repairing your old car or just replace it with a new one. So, if you want to get the calculation right, carry on reading.

Is it costing more than it’s worth?

You need to realise whether the repair or maintenance of your car is actually doing you good or secretly laying grave for your bank account. You know it’s time to move on when the dollars start adding up to the point where it’s going to cost you more for repairs or continual maintenance than the old car is actually worth. Also you need to realise the fact that your old car tends to require bigger and more costly repairs.

What next?

Taking care of the current issue is not always enough, you also need to look at the potential future repairs. It’s no good if you are up for expensive surprises. The wise thing to do here would be to have a mechanic take a look at your vehicle and do a thorough diagnosis. Only a professional will be able to advice you on how serious it is. The higher the repair estimates climb, the closer you may be to needing a new car.

Safety checked?

With an old car, there is always the risk of having a breakdown while driving. And let me tell you, nothing is worth that risk. Newer and more efficient safety equipment are being invented and incorporated every day to vehicles and if your old car does not have those safety features, maybe it’s time to decide on a new car as a replacement.

How fuel efficient is it?

The older your car is, the more you need to feed it, it’s as simple as that. That’s because it doesn’t have the technological advances of newer engines and will continue to go downhill or require increasingly more expensive repairs – like a new engine, transmission, or both. So calculate it well, and decide what needs to be done.

Count the insurance costs

Do your research and calculate the difference in annual insurance costs for your old car compared to a brand-new one. If your old car isn’t worth that much, you could drop comprehensive and collision, saving several hundred dollars.

Did your lifestyle change?

If there has been significant changes to your life recently, may be your family sized increased or decreased, or the distance to workplace from home changed, may be you want your vehicle to serve for more recreational purposes or whatever it might be, if you have newer requirements, you might want to reconsider your decision about repairing the car and simply get a new one.

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