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Do you want to know how to make more money selling cars online? Facebook’s Marketplace could be a solution.

Take this for instance: 78%of automobile buyers across the US who intend to purchase an automobile within the next three months are usually unable to decide who they will buy from. This issue with advertising can be addressed by suggesting the correct Marketplace method for dealers.

The article below will teach how to promote your car dealership on Facebook efficiently and make use of automation to expand your business by creating highly optimized dynamic advertisements.

We’ll also go over Facebook’s sophisticated machine learning and the most appropriate integrations to help you manage and attract potential customers.

Facebook is a unique, mobile-friendly way to connect with customers who are looking to look into and buy automobiles. With an amazing array of functions, Facebook can help you to put your listings for dealerships to prospective customers.

A buyer is reassured that you know if the dealership is trustworthy or if the salesperson offering their advice is actually a professional. To meet this need, Marketplace is designed to aid users looking to find, contact, and interact with car buyers.

For a car dealer, this feature can ease the process of buying a car, make it easier to target your customer more precisely, and conclude more sales of vehicles.

Car dealers use Facebook Marketplace to increase sales. Do they boost sales?

Is Facebook Marketplace a good option for dealerships in the automotive industry? The answer is a huge yes!

Utilize specialized tools to make ads and optimize the targeting of your audience;

In addition, you will have access to a well-known platform.

Before we talk about how to set up a Facebook Marketplace listing, let’s look at the features that are specifically designed for dealerships in the automotive industry.

What exactly is a Facebook dealership?

Marketplace’s purpose is to connect sellers and buyers. Facebook Dealerships is a subsection of Marketplace where car dealers are able to make listings of their vehicles directly on their Page.

The listing will be visible in the tab Vehicles on the dealership Page. Once you have set it up, your dealership’s listings will appear along with listings for individual sellers on Marketplace.

The platform’s user-centric design allows buyers to filter their search between dealerships and individual listings in your search. For instance, they can search for cars based on the model they’re searching to find, as well as the dealer located in their vicinity. As a default setting, Marketplace will display listings located that are within forty miles of the location of the user.

Marketplace best practices for car dealerships

What should you concentrate on when you advertise on Marketplace? There are many important aspects to consider to ensure the best results. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Concentrate on the market local to you.

Marketplace’s algorithm shows the listings that are accessible geographically to those who are looking for an item or service, such as services offered by car dealerships.

This is also sensible because most people would rather experience a car in person prior to actually purchasing it. This is why it’s important to concentrate your efforts on local customers for the greatest ROI on your ads.

Provide a genuine experience.

The satisfaction of having an authentic experience will make customers choose your products over car-based supermarkets.

You could demonstrate the authenticity of your business by displaying it in a variety of ways: themed content during the holiday season, sharing success stories of your previous clients as well as testimonials, or writing posts that showcase the faces of the employees of your business.

This isn’t a direct sales plan, but it could help your company become more likable and trustworthy.

Include high-quality images

The use of low-quality, uninteresting images is nothing more than a way to sway customers who are ready to buy, even if you’re providing attractive deals.

The modern audience is looking for authentic marketing concepts and excellent content. Check that all your images are high-quality quality and are formatted correctly.

Make sure you have your copy.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your advertisement’s message. An effective copy grabs the interest of your potential buyers. It should also contain informative descriptions that answer the questions of your buyers and possibly make a sale. Check out various versions to determine what is the most effective for your advertisements.

Offer attractive financing-related deals.

A reduction or an offer can help your customers to overcome their decision fatigue. The ability to negotiate inspires those with genuine interest to reach out to you.

You could consider adding on the cost for the new car, second-hand trade-in costs, as well as the financing option (such as monthly payments, loans, etc. ) in the event that they are available. If you’re in need of an upgrade to your car and on an extremely tight budget, it could be the best option.

How do you add your car listings on Facebook?

The information you import for every vehicle must include the model, year, and make, as well as the mileage, price, and a few photos. It is possible to do this by hand or through a computer.


We manage imports from the internal system of your dealership through Google Sheets. If you’re doing it manually, then you’ll have to download the data to CSV format and then upload the data to your Facebook advertising account.

The process, however, is a bit complicated and requires developer-level expertise to upload your car catalog to Facebook.


You can also streamline your imports by automating. Making unidirectional data bridges that connect Facebook and the automotive CRM (and other tools for marketing) provides many benefits.

Find out what automation can do and how it can make an impact on the auto industry.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to increase the number of cars you sell via Facebook Marketplace and bring in the results you’re hoping for.

Create relevant content

Relatable content can create an enduring connection with prospective customers and can also help develop leads.

The first step is to develop a content strategy that is in line with your company’s values and aligns with your goals for marketing. After that, publish your posts regularly in order to keep your intended viewers active.

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